Re: Translating The GIMP

Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

> it is not needed to convert to UTF-8; providing the charset info in the
> header is enough, gettext() will do the conversion at runtime depending
> on the requested charset at display time (so, as long as gtk+ 2 asks
> to display in utf-8 it will be transparent).

Exactly.  Any chance to make gtk+ 2 work this way?

> And those are now created from the po files with xml-i18n-tools, so
> that may be an argument to use utf-8 on po files.

Why?  xml-i18n-tools should learn to call iconv or recode when needed.
iconv is designed to be available everywhere.

> On the other hand, xml-i18n-tools could read the charset of the po file
> and call iconv while writting the desktop files...


> The only case when utf-8 is mandatory is when non ascii is used in
> the msgsid entries.

Yes, but let's avoid this for the moment, please.

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