Translating The GIMP


I plan to merge translations from the stable gimp branch ("gimp-1-2")
to the HEAD branch very soon now and hereby ask all translators to
assure that the translations in the stable branch are up-to-date.
If you have committed changes to the HEAD branch, please make sure
the stable branch contains your fixes, otherwise your changes will
get lost.

The po files in GIMP HEAD will be converted to UTF-8 since GTK+-2.0
requires strings to be UTF-8 encoded. I will check in some simple
tools that allow you to convert between native encodings and UTF-8
since only few editors out there support UTF-8 directly. For now
you don't have to worry about this and I will post some detailed 
explanations after I have completed the changes in the HEAD branch. 
For now, all you have to care about are the po-files in the 
"gimp-1-2" branch.

Salut, Sven

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