Re: Translating The GIMP

Sven Neumann <> writes:

It isn't up to you as the program maintainer to "merge" translations
from STABLE to HEAD or something like that.  Provide hints how
translators might proceed, but please don't change contents of the

> The po files in GIMP HEAD will be converted to UTF-8 since GTK+-2.0
> requires strings to be UTF-8 encoded.

But that's not a valid reason to force the translators to deal with
UTF-8 if they don't want to.  GTK developers think they need .mo files
using UTF-8 (why?) convert them at installation time, please!

> I will check in some simple tools that allow you to convert between
> native encodings and UTF-8 since only few editors out there support
> UTF-8 directly.

msgconv (from gettext CVS) can do that...

> For now you don't have to worry about this and I will post some
> detailed explanations after I have completed the changes in the HEAD
> branch.

PO files are translators land.  Maintainers don't have the right to
convert them into another charset.  Leave these files alone, please.

Anyway, thanks for your warning :)  I'm curious to know how GNOME 2.0
will solve this (non-existing) problem.

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