Re: Translating The GIMP

Sven Neumann <> writes:

> we can not assume that iconv or recode is available on all target platforms.

"at release time" :) Since we cannot assume msgsmt is available on the
target platform we're distributing .mo resp. .gmo files since ever.

> I don't understand your argument either, but let me explain mine. The 
> GIMP should work as checked out of CVS, so either we have UTF-8 po 
> files in CVS (like GTK+ does) or we need to convert to UTF-8 during
> generation of the mo files. This would require the availability of the 
> necessary tools on the build platform which we can not safely assume.

Yes, as it is required to have the other tools: automake, autoconf,
docbook tools, etc.  OTOH, there's nothing what contradicts to check in
.gmo or .mo files.

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