Re: Time to move GGV to the Attic?

(I don't know why you keep replying to me in private -- I have nothing
to do with the development of either GGV or Evince or
gnome-print-admin, other than having contributed translations, so
please either reply to the list, or do not reply at all).

On 7/18/06, Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow taliesin ca> wrote:
On Tue, 2006-18-07 at 11:49 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:
> > But this isn't really the case. It sems that individual useful modules
> > are moved to archive after while many others are remaining. Take for
> > example gnome-print-admin.
> That's probably because this has absolutely *nothing* to do with
> "usefulness". It has everything to do with *being maintained*. Please
> do not confuse those two.

Interesting. ggv hasn't seen a commit in a year or two.
gnome-print-admin hasn't seen one in 5 years or so. Neither has active
maintainers. The former is moved into archive the latter is not.

It all looks like there is really another agenda in play.

While I do not know any specifics about gnome-print-admin, I very much
doubt that there is any "hidden agenda" about this.
What I *do* know is that many developers are not aware of the
existance of the archive, so requests for moving to the archive are
*extremely* rare. We've tried several times to raise awareness about
the archive, and I think we're slowly getting there, but the fact
remains that there are probably dozens of unmaintained modules left in
the main repo which haven't been moved yet because noone has informed
cvsmaster at that they are unmaintained.

So if you want to do something productive at the end of the day, send
a polite mail to cvsmaster at gnome dot org and explain that according
to your knowledge, that particular module is unmaintained and has been
so for a few years. Then it will be dealt with, probably not right
away, but eventually, when your request will be processed in the
Sending such a mail will be far more productive than producing
conspiracy theories.


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