Re: Bugzilla - making it do usable [hah, perish the thought]

Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc cu-portland edu> writes:
> Since "Keyword" seems to be a controled vocabulary, does anybody want to
> hack it to be a drop down list, or something useful like that? (I'm
> afraid that I'm not up to the task)  Having it as a text entry field
> really seems silly to me.  Actually, a selection box (like for component
> and such on the query page) would be required, so that you can select
> multiple keywords for a given bug, I think.  

Would probably be useful (though I wish Mozilla would render lists

> > The problem with keywords is that they require maintainers to actively
> > add the appropriate keywords to new bugs as they come in to the
> > tracker, but not much to be done about that.
> I've never added keywords to any of the bugs that I've taken actions on
> in bugzilla, because their use is really vague.

Their purpose is just to be able to do queries for them (mark groups
of bugs to query later).

e.g. in GTK we use:
 API - this bug affects API
 keynav - this bug is a keyboard navigation issue

So you can find all bugs that affect API, or find all bugs related to

Really keywords should only be introduced when a maintainer intends to
actively use that keyword, otherwise querying by keyword just gets you
bogus results.


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