Re: Bugzilla - making it do usable [hah, perish the thought]

On 07 Jun 2001 18:30:51 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Glynn Foster <glynn foster sun com> writes: 	
> > 	a) Make up a new Keyword for 'Usability'
> This is the right way to do it. The reason you want to file
> "usability" is to query based on that, right? So make a keyword for
> it. Just as we have keywords for "keynav", "API", etc. in GTK+.

Since "Keyword" seems to be a controled vocabulary, does anybody want to
hack it to be a drop down list, or something useful like that? (I'm
afraid that I'm not up to the task)  Having it as a text entry field
really seems silly to me.  Actually, a selection box (like for component
and such on the query page) would be required, so that you can select
multiple keywords for a given bug, I think.  

> The problem with keywords is that they require maintainers to actively
> add the appropriate keywords to new bugs as they come in to the
> tracker, but not much to be done about that.

I've never added keywords to any of the bugs that I've taken actions on
in bugzilla, because their use is really vague.

> I think the larger problems are things like: many people are not
> actively using bugzilla to track their package, there's no way to move
> bugs to and so we keep just blackholing
> Evolution, OAF, etc. bugs...

My solution would be to stick everything into the GNOME bugzilla, but
migrating bugs appears to be non-trivial.  I don't mind having a
separate bug tracker for company specific bugs (like the packaging bugs
from Ximian, and so on), but I'd like to see the GNOME stuff in the
GNOME bugzilla.

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