Re: TODO system. Please add tasks

Chema Celorio <chema ximian com> writes:

> We need more tasks on the todo system, please help out filing task at:
> we need to help new hackers get started. I tried adding some, but i
> guess i am not insipired today. Please add detailed descriptions of the
> tasks. We have gotten pretty good responses latelly, we now have a
> almost working bonobo-browser, I added a task monday and i got a mail on
> wednesday about someone working on it. 
> We need more hands typing, so lets do our part. If you are to busy to
> follow up on the task and taking patches, feel free to put me as a
> contact for that task. After i review the patch and comment on it i can
> forward it to you.


I may have a few GNOME 2.0 TODO items soon.

Actually, I already have a TODO item for GNOME 2 which can be done by newbies,
but it blocks my current work so I need to do it myself right after lunch.

However, there's also another TODO item:

Someone needs to have a look at libgnomeui/test-gnome in GNOME 1.x and port it
to GNOME 2.0. This is trivial to code, but who does it needs to be at least a
bit familar with the Bonobo UI code. It'd be, however, a good chance for someone
to learn this stuff while doing this .... :-)

A test / sample application for GnomeDItemEdit would be appreciated as well
(but for GnomeDItemEdit, not GnomeDItem itself; that's what I'm doing myself
since I need it right now).

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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