Bugzilla - making it do usable [hah, perish the thought]

Was discussing this a little on IRC today...and since Usability,
HCI etc are all becoming the buzz-words at the moment there seems 
a huge need for people to start logging bugs against non-usable
User Interfaces....but....

Basically bugzilla sucks in this regard right now....As one 
of our HCI guys said 'I thought all bug tools were badly designed...
to stop you filing bugs'...we don't want this ;)

I've just looked at the opening page for filing a bug and there 
is no option to file a usability bug - I guess you could file one
against Enhancement but no-one really looks at these, right? ;)

This definitely needs to be fixed. There are two suggestions - 
	a) Make up a new Keyword for 'Usability'
	b) Make up a new Severity entry for 'Usability'

They are probably both equally impossible with the screwey bugzilla
code...but I figure that the b) option might only involve a SQL change?
If a) is the better option then we have to change the layout of the 
opening page...because as it stands the Keywords entry isn't seen 
until you go back and edit the bug afterwards [which just completely

I'm open to suggestions...but I think this should be put in
place before people start porting to the new widget set...because 
that seems about the most sensible time to start addressing usability

		See ya,
			Glynn ;)

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