Re: Subversion migration schedule (cut-off Fri 18 Mar)

เมื่อ ส. 2006-02-11 เวลา 10:32 -0500, Daniel Veillard เขียนว่า:
> > 
> > I don't know Ross's exact plans for anonymous SVN, but it is only a 
> > few minutes to set up anonymous access to a SVN repository using
> > mod_svn; it's really trivial to make things available as, say:
> > 
> >  svn checkout libxml2

BTW, I haven't set up 'anonsvn' as an alias, There didn't seem much
point as anonymous/RO access uses the 'http' scheme, commit/RW access
uses the 'svn+ssh' scheme. It's just:

svn co libxml2

If you don't have a subversion client handy, you should be able to
browse (/wget?) a module via the SVN URLs. E.g.:

There's also the ViewCVS which allows you to query the history in more

> > > What is the equivalent operation of the usual CVS commands that
> > > the people use now ?
> > 
> > There are quite a few documents on the web explaining this.
> > (At the most basic level, cvs checkout => svn checkout. 
> > cvs update => svn update, but not everything is *quite* that
> > straightforward.)
>   okay I will have to google.

You might find the following page useful, which has a handy translation
table of cvs commands to their subversion equivalents:


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