Re: The Help Menu

> John R Sheets <> wrote:
> > Question:
> > 
> > What should the behaviour of the Help menu item be if no help
> > exists for an app?  Should it be grayed out (and if so, how will
> > it know of the help file's existence?)?
> the current style guide (see suggests that help ALWAYS has at
> least one item: the about box.

Bad idea. 

About does not belong under Help, because it has nothing to do with the
concept of "Help". Simply because no other suitable place can be
immediately thought of for where to put it, doesnt mean that we should
throw it under Help, IMHO. That would be just as illogical a move as if we
were to throw it under Edit, or something equally uncalled-for.

The final draft (again, after a fully formed document has been released,
looked at, and subsequently revised by the public a gazillion times before
it becomes a FINAL DRAFT) will likely propose a new addition to the
standard gamut of "File / Edit / View / Options / Help / Preferences" ..
For example, I see nothing wrong with:

|O| Application                                 |^|X|
| 8'  File  Edit  View  Options  Preferences        |   
|  +-                                               |
|  |\                                               |
|    \                                              |
|   Little Gnome Footprint                          |

A simple little Gnome Footprint present in the menu bar of each apps
window would do the trick nicely, at first thought. I'm open to
suggestions. Even yours, Tom. ;) hee


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