Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop? (For Tom)

> Bowie Poag <> wrote:
> > > I do feel it is a bad idea for the very same reason I have never in my life
> > > used my right to vote in an election. I don't want to say "yes" when what I
> > > really would want to say is "yes, but..."
> > 
> > Thats just it -- We're not talking about some stuffy election process
> > here. You WILL have the ability to say "Yes, but.." on any or ALL of the
> > stuff in the Style Guide.
> AFTER the show. that's what I don't like, you see? in an election (at least
> over here) you vote on a list of people. I wouldn't even want to have the
> ability to rearrange that list, I would want to SELECT my choices, not be
> fed some pre-chewed stuff. if I had any interest in the fake that's called
> politics, that is, but let's drop that flame-bait. :)

  (A note to reader -- Refer to the "flame free" disclaimer below. I know
  Tom, Tom knows me. I respect Tom, Tom respects me. I understand Tom..
  buuuut...I dunno if the reverse is true. :) )

You are completely, and totally wrong, Tom.

With all due respect, PLEASE refrain from making those kind of
assumptions. If you are unclear about an issue, ASK ME. I dont mean
to be rude, here, Tom.. but this is exactly WHY I read themailing list,
and thats why I've been chosen to head up this project -- Not you. 

Your understanding of the present creation process for the Style Guideis
totally distorted, as evidenced by your comments shown above. The public
is involved BEFORE, AT ALL POINTS DURING, *AND* AFTER the initial document
has been written -- And to top it off, the public plays an absolutely
critical role in the REVISION of the document! What more do you want? 

I mean, jeezus, Tom.. How many more times do I have to keep saying this
before you get rid of this bizzare idea in your head that I want the Style
Guide to be a totally closed process?! Why the heck would I want this to
be a closed process? Could someone please tell me that? What I could
possibly gain by writing the entire Style Guide without an ounce worth of
input, from anyone? Somebody?

> just consider the alternative style guide(s?) as additional input and you
> should have no problems.

  (disclaimer: This isnt flame. I've been following what Tom has had to 
  say for a good part of a week and a half now. We both have a good deal
  of respect for eachother's work, and respective opinions.)

No, whats going to happen, is that people are going to be CONFUSED about
which is the *real* Style Guide. If you insist on confusing matters for
everyone, do it on UseNet. Dont do it on the mailing list. We have a job
to do here, and I dont need the very people I have to rely upon for input
becoming confused, because you individually have decided to splinter off,
and you, individually, have decided you are going to write your own "GNOME
Style Guide", without being appointed by anyone in authority to do so.

If you insist on doing all that, DONT refer to it as the "Style Guide".
Refer to it as an Addendum or as a Compendium to the actual effort. You
can do whatever you want--Just dont confuse the rest of us with your
efforts, in the process.

There is ONE Style Guide effort underway here. Not two, nor three, not
four. Thats how it has to be. Anything more would immediately turn into a
confused, hopeless pile of blather, Tom.

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