Re: Scriptability: To what degree is this critical?

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> Here I am, in the middle of pounding out Yet Another GNOME post(yes my
> volume has gone down, I have a life too :-) when lo and behold, a real
> question hits me.
> Scriptability.
> The GIMP exposes almost(?) all of its functions to other programs.  This
> singlehandedly convinced me that I needed to upgrade to Linux, for the GIMP.
> In fact, if it wasn't for this I'd have never become interested enough in
> any of this stuff to join GNOME GUI.

IMHO, Scriptability goes beyond the scope of the UISG. Its more or less a
specific, programmer-centric problem that they must address amongst
themselves, when it comes to stanadards. Not us, or the Guide. We cant
touch that, even if we wanted to.


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