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) On Mon, Jul 06, 1998 at 12:56:03PM +0200, Preben Randhol wrote:
) > * Marko Macek
) > | Gleef wrote:
) > | > Therefore I would vote that Preferences... be required to be
) > | > under File.  It's not pretty, but it would be consistant.  And
) > | > besides, Preferences are stored in a File, so it isn't a
) > | > non-sensical location. 
) > | 
) > | I disagree. File menu should only contain options related to the
) > | file. 
) > 
) > Where should one put Quit/Exit then? :)
) In a "Main" menu or something like that ?

One thing that I have always liked about MacOS is the fact that "Quit" 
is always in the same place with the same keyboard shortcut and it
isn't repeated.  I know this is too much to ask but wouldn't it be
nice if there were only one way to quit an application instead of 2 or 
3?  For instance, with xemacs open I can quite it buy typing the

M-x kill-emacs OR
C-x C-c OR
by clicking on "File", then dragging to "Quit XEmacs" OR
by clicking on the "X" provided by WindowMaker OR
by right-clicking on the titlebar and selecting "Kill" via WindowMaker 

Would it be possible to avoid such confusion in gnome by reducing the
number of ways to quit an application?  I personally like the idea of
eliminating "Quit" from applications or eliminating the "X" from the
window manager.


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