Re: Icons and colors

	Yes, yes, yes.  We don't use Windows, and we don't want to appear
to be like Windows, etc.  I'm not suggesting this because Windows does it,
and thus it must be good...  I'm suggesting it because it noticably
improves the appearence (IMO) of an application.  To say that MS does it
and therefore we wont is wrongheaded.  Look at Windows apps which DON'T
follow this guideline.  Yuck, right?  (Mail me if you want examples.)  We
should work towards a clean, professional look.  

> > 	Take a look at the Windows toolbar icons.  Notice anything?  They
> > only use 8 colors.  Newer MS programs use more (look at MSIE) but they
> > display the buttons in just a few colors unless you mouse over them.  

> > 	Why is this good?  Well, too many colors can be distracting.  The
> > muted look gives the whole application a more professional feel to it.
> > (Although I wouldn't say the same about MSIE.)  Gnome applications seem to
> > use too many colors and look ...  well...  less so.  I'd make the same
> > complaint against most visual basic applications...
> > 
> > 	(The 8 colors are standard across ALL MS apps BTW.)

> Let me be the first to chirp in and say "Yes but there is a reason we
> don't use windows."

> I hardly think that attempting to imitate windows is going to get us
> anywhere.


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