Re: Proposal: Different layout for different Screen Dimensions

    Raster> Programs should use the user defined fonts - not set their
    Raster> own. programs should be written to use MINIMAL space

I definitely agree with you here...  That's why, a few messages ago, I
proposed a new rule in the Style Guide: "All applications should be
perfectly functional at 800x600".  I proposed 800x600 as the minimal
resolution because I felt it was a bit hard to make *everything* fit
into smaller screens, but if Gnome is going to support 640x480 too, I
think that would be even better.  Does anybody have anything against
adding something like this to the Guide?

Last time I tried GXSNMP on an 800x600 X server the window was way too
high, and just for the vertical GXSNMP logo.  This is an example of
what should be avoided IMHO, because you just don't win anything with
something like this--you just make the user angry.  I think such
imperfections should be considered as real bugs and be fixed.  (Yes, I
can help if you want me to.  :-))

Also the current Gnome UI widgets are a bit too large IMO...  For
example, button icons in requesters could be made smaller, at least at
lower resolutions.  And even at higher ones, I think the amount of
"wasted" space for icons and the such should be reduced to the bare


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