Re: Proposal: Different layout for different Screen Dimensions

Stephan Pfab <> wrote:
> A GUI designed to look good on a screen 1280x1024 will suck on
> 640x480.


> We can not support all possible screen geometries, but
> we could provide differnt layout, box-sizes ... for say 
> small <= 800x600
> medium until 1024x768
> large
> screen dimensions.
I'm afraid we will HAVE to support anything from 512x384 to 1600x1280.

512x384 is (if memory serves correctly) television resolution - used for
projectors and large displays at demonstrations when you cannot afford the
expensive equipment (beamers for tv resolution are comparably cheap).

1600x1280 is a typical graphics-designer resolution on a 21" screen.

the interface should really be independent of screen resolution. that's a
goal we can't really reach, but should aim for.

one solution would be to have everything (font size, icons, everything)
three times: small, medium and large. small designed for 640x480 or less,
medium for 800x600 or 1024x768 and large for 1280x1024 or larger.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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