Re: Gnome Key Binding Standard -- Basic Issues

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Alex Achenbach wrote:

> This is demanding: The database of these abstract symbols has to
> be reasonably large enough, but this could (principally) easily
> be done by allowing applications to *extend* the database by new
> entries (as defaults, changeable by the user later on).
> However, applications must *not* be allowed to _change_ the data
> base as far as existing entries are concerned.

We would have to be very careful allowing applications to add their own
bindings to the database.  If two applications add two different bindings
for the same function, because their developed simultaneously or one
developer didn't know about the others key binding, then the database will
get bloated with many, many duplicates for the same action.

Neil Vachharajani

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