Re: Proposal: Different layout for different Screen Dimensions

On 30 Jun, Bowie Poag shouted:
->  On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Stephan Pfab wrote:
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->  > Hallo Gnomes
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->  > A GUI designed to look good on a screen 1280x1024 will suck on
->  > 640x480. We can not support all possible screen geometries, but
->  > we could provide differnt layout, box-sizes ... for say 
->  > small <= 800x600
->  > medium until 1024x768
->  > large
->  > screen dimensions. 
->  > The default could be for the program to check the size with
->  > options for the user to override the defaults.
->  > 
->  Bad idea. Instead, there should be enough underlying functionality within
->  Gnome (and the WM which must be compliant with it) to allow for
->  titlebar/font size adjustments independant of resolution. It shouldnt
->  matter if your screen is 640x480, or 1600x1280. If you have the
 or 1920x1440 :)
->  flexibility to deal with screen elements on your own, you dont need the
->  desktop to do it automagically for you.

Programs should use the user defined fonts - not set their own. programs
should be written to use MINIMAL space - dont use prodigious amounts of
padding or have huge window s- have small windows wiht minimal padding
and a layot to mimized space used - that way people like mw who run high
rese get what they wanted - MORE DESKTOP SPACE - just cause i run a high
res doens not me an i want an app to fill it or be the same percentage
size on all resoltions - i run 1920x1440 cause i can fit 9 640x480
desktosp at once - and see them all at once and not have to flip. People
runing prodigious rerses on small monitors need to either lower res or
increas font sizes - they are doing the worng thing (tm) as far as any
seasoned graphics perosn will tell you. Unless you have very godo eyes
and a damn good gfx card/cabling/monitor never push your res beyond the
point where you cannot see a checkerboard patern as such (ie when a
white/black checkerboard pattern starts getting moiring effects and/or
blends into one big gray mass) - if you get this you are pushing your
gfx setu too far - lower the res (possibly lower the refresh rate if u
can afford to wihtotu increase of flicker) - thr res u run when u can
see the checker patters is the res you shoudl run. for many it means
more spare video ram for font and pixmap caching for more speed (more
speed too cause there is less framebuffer to update).

There should be a doc liek this for novice usrs - many many many peolpe
make the mistake fo running too high a res for their eyesight or gfx
system setup (card/cabling/monitor).

There should be somthing like "try this font size.. can ytou read this
easilyl. can you see this pattern?" and then the "wizard" will tell you
what font sizes and res is right for you (even set them) if you dont
liek ti change it later (i sure will - I like 1600x1200 on a 17" :) its
nice and readable.)

if everyne lays their programs ouyt nicely to not assume i onyl run one
thing at once and thus use minimal space everyone will be happy - peopl
at low reses will eb able to fit the programs on screen, people at righ
reses can eithe fit 10 programs on screen or set larger fonts and larger
preferred icon sizes (somthing currently missing that since gnome uses
imlib for icons it could have a preferred icon size and scale icons as
desired) if they want it bigger using their entire desktop :)

->  Cant fix a leak with a piece of tape. :)
->  > comments?
->  > Stephan
->  > 
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