Re: Proposal: Different layout for different Screen Dimensions

On Wed, 1 Jul 1998, Stephan Pfab wrote:

> Hallo Gnomes
> A GUI designed to look good on a screen 1280x1024 will suck on
> 640x480. We can not support all possible screen geometries, but
> we could provide differnt layout, box-sizes ... for say 
> small <= 800x600
> medium until 1024x768
> large
> screen dimensions. 
> The default could be for the program to check the size with
> options for the user to override the defaults.

Bad idea. Instead, there should be enough underlying functionality within
Gnome (and the WM which must be compliant with it) to allow for
titlebar/font size adjustments independant of resolution. It shouldnt
matter if your screen is 640x480, or 1600x1280. If you have the
flexibility to deal with screen elements on your own, you dont need the
desktop to do it automagically for you.

Cant fix a leak with a piece of tape. :)

> comments?
> Stephan
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