Re: Proposal: Different layout for different Screen Dimensions wrote:
> res doens not me an i want an app to fill it or be the same percentage
> size on all resoltions - i run 1920x1440 cause i can fit 9 640x480

ok, that's the highest resolution I've heard about so far. :)

> seasoned graphics perosn will tell you. Unless you have very godo eyes
> and a damn good gfx card/cabling/monitor never push your res beyond the
> point where you cannot see a checkerboard patern as such (ie when a
> white/black checkerboard pattern starts getting moiring effects and/or
> blends into one big gray mass) - if you get this you are pushing your

can your write up a chapter about these things? I bet I'm not the only one
who read them for the first time.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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