Re: Gnome Key Binding Standard -- Basic Issues

Alex Achenbach <> wrote:
> be done by allowing applications to *extend* the database by new
> entries (as defaults, changeable by the user later on).
> However, applications must *not* be allowed to _change_ the data
> base as far as existing entries are concerned.
> And that's that.  Have a nice discussion!   ;-]

I agree fully. so we're back at the idea of full customizability with
several default settings provided to choose from. all that dug deep into the
gnome code so no app coder messes with it.

hmmm... one note: he should be able to, if the user requests. one example is
already there now: windowmanager keys and application keys. how I hate it
when the default wm config messes with keys that I'm used to have in, say,
xwpe. so the user should be able to selectively turn of (certain?) key
bindings for applications, so f9 compiles in xwpe, no matter what it does in
other apps and even if by default it is mapped to gnome-foo.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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