Wesley Felter writes:
 > > So what goes into Program?
 > > 
 > > Settings?
 > Sure. Although I'd call it Preferences.
 > > Options?
 > What's the difference between settings and options?
 > > Print?
 > No, because you can't print an application. You print documents,
 > therefore Print goes in the File menu.
 > > Lets go into details here.
 > > 
 > > What can we say DEFINITIVELY goes into Program?

Welsey's already got Preferences, and Print can't go there for the reasons 

Screenplay stuff:
  Since the screenplay stuff is going to be GNOME-wide,
  apparently, this would also be a good place to put it. Programmers
  wouldn't have to do anything to include it; much less likely to leave
  it out. (I don't have a clue about XLab, though, so I don't know how
  realistic this is.) 

  If it is to be separate from 'normal' clipboard copies, which IMHO
  it should be. Copying a selection to the clipboard seems to be
  conceptually different from screengrabbing to the clipboard.

About/Help, maybe
  Users from other OSes will be pretty likely to want that to be a 
  top level menu to start with, but if tmfkap does turn out
  to be a macro-generated menu, the consistency would deal with that.

Exit, certainly. 
  Note that I differentiate here between 'Exit app' and 'Close
  window'; (re: the IE stuff in another thread). This should close
  all windows belonging to this instance of the application, prompting 
  to save files beforehand. Any sort of other 'Save all files' stuff
  should go under File (or whatever its name happens to be). Multiple
  running instances should _not_ respond.

 > This is shaping up really well: The Program/foot menu is for app-wide
 > commands, the File menu is for document-wide commands, the Edit menu
 > is for commands that operate on the selection.

I pretty much agree. I'd just like to state, for the record, that
anything I say wrt this whole thing is strictly IMHO and bears
testing, rehashing, and general bashing about. :)


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