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  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-shell - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] Self Introduction, Dimitris Tomaras
  • [team-gnome-gr] Stand του GNOME για το συνέδριο ΕΛ/ΛΑΚ;, Simos Xenitellis
  • [team-gnome-gr] drgeo - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] banshee - stable-2.0, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] network-manager-applet - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] Παρουσίαση GNOME( .gr) στη FOSSCOMM (Πάτρα, 7-8 Μα ΐου 2011), Simos Xenitellis
  • Re: [team-gnome-gr] FOSSCOMM 2011, May 7th-8th 2011, Patras, Greece, Simos Xenitellis
  • [team-gnome-gr] gbrainy - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] [Bug 647595] New: gcalctool (up)n button, l10n
  • [team-gnome-gr] Release notes για GNOME 3.0 - δοκιμαστικά (ήταν: Re : release-notes-gnome-3-0), Simos Xenitellis
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-panel - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gdm - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] file-roller - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] evolution - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-games - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] release-notes - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • Re: [team-gnome-gr] Gnome3 release party @ TEI Athinas, Simos Xenitellis
  • [team-gnome-gr] epiphany - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] empathy - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-games - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-packagekit - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome3-web - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] Μετάφραση του w ww.gnome3.org, Simos Xenitellis
  • [team-gnome-gr] «GNOME εφεδρικό» ή «Εφεδρικό GNOME»;, στέργιος προσινικλής
  • [team-gnome-gr] gtk+ - gtk-3-0, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-utils - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] glade - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-session - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-power-manager - gnome-3-0, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-control-center - master, noreply
  • [team-gnome-gr] gnome-backgrounds - master, noreply
  • Re: [team-gnome-gr] xml errors in translations for different languages, Simos Xenitellis

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