Re: Empathy account UI freeze break request

Le lundi 24 août 2009, à 16:33 +0100, Sjoerd Simons a écrit :
> Basically if this branch is not merged, there is no benefit for us to keep
> working on the G2.28 of Empathy. Which would be a big loss for G2.28 imho.

I'm not sure who "us" is in your above sentence ;-) But the thing is
that empathy 2.27/2.28 should be in bug-fixing mode and this (big)
change is not really what I would call a bug fix. And it's not just
about an updated UI, but a major bump in an external dependency too.

Don't get me wrong -- it's probably a good change, but it comes really
late for 2.28: keep in mind that there's only one release left before

There have been two +1 from the release team already, so I guess it's in
Xavier's hands now (if it's not already merged). But my personal opinion
is that it's too late for this change.

If this goes in, then please keep in mind for next time that this kind
of changes should be done much earlier in the future.



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