Re: Empathy account UI freeze break request

I think it is important to note what kind of branch we are speaking

128 files changed, 11152 insertions(+), 5326 deletions(-)

My personal remarks are

1) UI changes are not really bound to the mc5 migration. They were made
in the same branch for facility, but I think we can do UI changes
without moving to mc5 and vice-versa. Probably too late to "unbound"
those 2 changes now...

2) There were not that much testing. This morning I had 2 kinds of
critical crashers (they are probably fixed now): When first starting
empathy, and we opening any conversation.

3) I totally agree with that assistant, it is great for new users.
Though, I don't like at all changes made to the account dialog (purely
personal opinion).

4) What's the status of "Share my desktop" integration? I think it
doesn't work with mc5, do we have a patch now? The irony is that's the
only integration we have for GNOME 2.28 and it works fine with mc4...
Even if that's because of ugly hacks, that becomes much cleaner with

5) Lots of protocols are now duplicated in the create account UI.
Because we can connect them (jabber, irc, salut, msn) using
telepathy-haze (using libpurple) or the dedicated telepathy connection
manager. The user has no clue how to make a decision. And what "haze"
could mean?!?

6) "Jabber" and "GTalk" got replaced by "XMPP" which is totally unknown
to normal users (pidgin does the same error). We already rejected the
change from Jabber to XMPP in a bug report some months ago, and I think
we should keep a gtalk entry even if it's the same as Jabber...

7) Is gnome-keyring integrated in MC5 now? I see them in plain text in

IMO, that's good material for branching Empathy for GNOME 2.29 right
now, to not take the risk of that enormous code change, and UI changes
that only a few hackers tested, with no community feedback.

Empathy 2.28 is going to be the first version integrated by default by
lots of popular distro, we can't take any risk of regressions.

If it was proposed 1 or 2 months ago, I would have given a clear +1 for
merging. But, now, I let the decision to the release team...

Le lundi 24 août 2009 à 12:50 +0100, Sjoerd Simons a écrit :
>   A user ``visible'' issue that the move to MC5 fixes is that there is no
>   longer a need to have a profile for every protocol. In practise this fixes
>   the issue that when a user installs a new pidgin plugin (say for facebook or
>   twitter), it doesn't show up in the Empathy as an available protocol even
>   though telepathy-haze knows about it.

Right, and that's the only improvement for GNOME 2.28, other
integrations that are now possible are for (at best) GNOME 2.30.

Xavier Claessens.

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