Empathy account UI freeze break request


  We'd like to break the UI freeze to add a accounts assistent to Empathy for a
  better initial user experience. Screenshots for this assistant are available

  Also we've done  various tweaks to the accounts dialog to make it somewhat
  friendlier to use. Screenshots available at:

  Both UIs are updated as a result of various discussions with Matthew Paul
  Thomas and Nick Richards about improving our user experience in this area.
  We've got got various other usability updates in the pipeline, but they'll
  have to wait untill G2.29. The small steps we've done now already give a big
  usability improvement imho though :)

  One reason that this UI update is a bit late is that they are tied to us
  moving to telepathy-mission-control 5 (the branch for which is now ready to
  go). What MC5 brings us is a standardized way for making the all Desktop use
  Telepathy instead of just Empathy.  Basically as things stand currently it's
  hard for other applications to integrate into Telepathy on the desktop. (In
  practise this is a precondition for things like gnome-shell nicely
  integrating with telepathy).

  A user ``visible'' issue that the move to MC5 fixes is that there is no
  longer a need to have a profile for every protocol. In practise this fixes
  the issue that when a user installs a new pidgin plugin (say for facebook or
  twitter), it doesn't show up in the Empathy as an available protocol even
  though telepathy-haze knows about it.

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