Re: Preparing for 1.2 / Re: Drake's #docs Dialogue

On Mon, Feb 14, 2000 at 10:25:33AM -0500, David C. Mason wrote:
> > Where is the User Guide at?  Whoever decides to do (or is already doing)
> > GMC and the Panel needs access to the User Guide, presumably in CVS.
> We can do this real easily - BUT - there are many things like <xref>s
> in there that are going to break because it is no longer one document
> and the browser lends us no help in keeping the links up. So if we
> want to do this for 1.2 we are going to have to say fine - no links to
> other documents at this time. (For example - the Panel docs mention
> applets, obviously, there is a nice 'you can read more about applets'
> link that whoever edits the doc will have to kill)
> Like I said - I can put all the docs in the gnome-core modules right
> now if we decide we want to do this (and despite the fact that
> gnome-core is frozen). It might be a good idea is blah is going to
> have the gnomecc docs separate - because that would obsolete the UG.
> I will not have time to work on updating the Panel docs if we do this
> - BTW - someone else needs to do it.
> -- 

I would vote for doing this - i.e. separating the ug  into ug proper,
panel docs, gmc docs, etc, and forget for now about hyperlinks to
other docs. I can work on updating the panel docs.


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