Re: Preparing for 1.2 / Re: Drake's #docs Dialogue

Dan Mueth <> writes:

> What exactly is the plan here?  It sounds like the Users Guide will have
> the applets removed into a new document that holds all the applets, but
> everything else in the UG will remain there (right?). We
> probably want to update the control-center, panel, and file manager
> sections of the User Guide before 1.2 if we can. (I guess this is point
> 5.1 above)  According to the doctable, blah is doing the Control Center
> and nobody is doing GMC or the Panel stuff.  Is this accurate?

The GMC stuff has already been split out - it has been for a while - I
don't know why no one ever 'connected' the damn thing - the docs for it
can be found in cvs in mc/doc-gnome/C - I can take the job of looking
it over to see if it is still up to date - or close enough.

> Where is the User Guide at?  Whoever decides to do (or is already doing)
> GMC and the Panel needs access to the User Guide, presumably in CVS.

We can do this real easily - BUT - there are many things like <xref>s
in there that are going to break because it is no longer one document
and the browser lends us no help in keeping the links up. So if we
want to do this for 1.2 we are going to have to say fine - no links to
other documents at this time. (For example - the Panel docs mention
applets, obviously, there is a nice 'you can read more about applets'
link that whoever edits the doc will have to kill)

Like I said - I can put all the docs in the gnome-core modules right
now if we decide we want to do this (and despite the fact that
gnome-core is frozen). It might be a good idea is blah is going to
have the gnomecc docs separate - because that would obsolete the UG.

I will not have time to work on updating the Panel docs if we do this
- BTW - someone else needs to do it.


          David Mason
        Red Hat AD Labs

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