RE: Drake's #docs Dialogue

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> Subject: Drake's #docs Dialogue
> 7) Steve George made the point that editors can create a catherdal
> structure, which we want to avoid.  The editors could become 
> a restricted
> and elite "inner circle" of the GDP controlling which docs 
> get committed.
> I think this can be avoided by giving the doc authors a 
> choice to either
> ask an editor to check their documentation, asking another "learned"
> member of the GDP to go over their doc, or send the 
> documentation to the
> gnome-doc-list to check for clarity and correct DocBook markup.

Could somebody explain this a bit more for me?  From my interpretation of
the above, it sounds like there are some different ideas of the roles of
editors, and I just want to clarify what people are thinking.  Thanks,

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