Re: xml2po

On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 03:09 -0700, Corey Burger wrote:
> > It should work fine for XHTML, except for two things:
> > 1. attribute values are not translatable (eg. <img> alt or title
> >    attributes might need translation).  This has been sitting on my TODO
> >    list for a while already, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement
> >    (actually, it should be pretty straight-forward :), but we simply
> >    didn't have enough need for it so far.
> That is not terribly important.
> > 2. <pre> is not going to be treated as space-preserving, i.e. spaces
> >    are going to be collapsed: this is easily fixed by creating
> >    separate "xhtml" mode which would return all "space-preserving"
> >    tags.  Implementing 2 is even simpler than 1, and instead of "-a",
> >    you'd use "-m xhtml" then. :)
> > 
> Don't have any of those.
> > Just be sure to pass on "-a" when merging back as well.
> I will try this out tomorrow.

I just tried this on the relevant file and got "Segmentation Fault". I
have no idea how to debug it, so any help would be appreciated :)

The file is

And I'm using version 0.4.1-0ubuntu1 of gnome-doc-utils



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