RE: [gnome-db] Compiling libgda in cygwin

El mié, 26-03-2003 a las 13:21, Rodrigo Moya escribió:
> On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 08:56, Andres Moya wrote:
> > 
> > > You might also want to consider compiling with MinGW.
> > 
> > Sorry, but this is not an option, for now. I would like to continue with
> > Cygwin, because I have already done quite work with other packages.
> > 
> given how the code is written in libgda, which makes it (mostly) not
> depend at all on a linux/unix system, I still think the best solution
> for this is to create win32 makefiles, and not use
> autoconf/automake/libtool at all, which, as we've already seen, makes
> things difficult.
> So, I'd propose to get the makefiles that are in the glib-2.0/gtk-2.0
> sources, which are done for MS's make and gcc (AFAIR) and use them as
> templates to create new win32-specific makefiles for libgda. I think
> this is going to be easier.

I'm not sure I follow you right. Do you mean to still use the
autoconf/etc. tools for Unix, and to create a whole separated makefile
for win32, by hand?

How difficult and portable would be to make this? This makefile, could
both be used to generate a native win32 library and a Cygwin one?

Sorry if I ask anything absurd, I don't know GNU's build tools very much
(and, sincerely, it isn't an area I like very much, I spent some years
working with a similar tool, propietary, on HP-Unix, and became quite
tired of it :-P).

Anyway, what's the point on using gnome-autogen instead of the usual
autogen? The standard one works quite well in Cygwin, I have used it to
build other packages I need for the application I work for
( Indeed, I have downloaded the source tarball of
libgda 0.9.0 (that does not use gnome-autogen at all, only the generated
"configure" script), and have been able to compile it without more
problems, with a few changes that I saw at this message from Fernando


Andres Moya <Andres Moya hispalinux es>

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