RE: [gnome-db] Compiling libgda in cygwin

El mié, 26-03-2003 a las 20:11, Fernando Martins escribió:
> Andres Moya wrote:
> > Ok, I've read this. But my problem seems to be "earlier" that the
> > questions shown there.
> >
> Yes, but I spent myself quite some time with cygwin just to arrive to
> conclusion that I could not use the binary glib packages from the gtk port.
> And to compile glib on cygwin is (or was) another set of problems.

Well, but these problems have been solved (more or less): I use a patch
i've found at

And have been able to compile glib into cygwin without major problems. I
don't know for the moment if this patch is going to be incorporated in
the next versions of glib.

Andres Moya <Andres Moya hispalinux es>

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