Re: [gnome-db] database xml - xml database new from uri

Still in "xml database new from uri",

I get the following message (after making the "!strcmp ... continue"
correction from my previous mail) :

** (program:10539): CRITICAL **: file gda-util.c: line 77
(gda_type_from_string): assertion `str != NULL' failed

It seems that the error provides from the fact that when the file was
created, "<value>" was like this :

  <value position="0" gdatype="string">EBBR</value>

and the function "gda_value_new_from_xml()" in the file "gda_value.c",
lone 809 tests for "type" instead of "gdatype" :

 ... gda_type_from_string (xmlGetProp (node, "type") ...

It works with ... gda_type_from_string (xmlGetProp (node, "gdatype") ...


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