RE: [gnome-db] Compiling libgda in cygwin

El lun, 21-04-2003 a las 10:22, Andres Moya escribió:
> True, but in this case the problem is not in libgda nor even in gnome,
> but in postgresql. Until now, all my compilations have been ok without
> dynamic libraries (I've not tested performance nor executable sizes :-P)
> I'm using a postgresql package that is distributed already compiled, as
> a standard Cygwin package. But it only comes with libpq.a. I'm going to
> ask PostgreSQL people how can I compile the dynamic library. So I have
> not put a bug in gnome bugzilla for this, yet.

Oops. Not true.

I have a mess in my head. :-P

In fact, the problem is with the libraries that are generated for each
provider (/usr/lib/libgda/providers/libgda-*).

I wonder one thing: I'm using the build scripts in CVS, that are exactly
the same as in Linux. I suppose that in Linux they generate shared
libraries. Do you know why they don't in Cygwin?

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