Re: [gnome-db] Updates to Postgres provider

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 08:39, Vivien Malerba wrote:
> > So I'd like to discuss the needed features to have a beta, so that we
> > can release ASAP. Right now, I'm thinking on some simple tasks:
> > 
> > * fix crashes
> That is something I'll be doing today.
I get one always when I try to view the records of a table. I was going
to investigate on it.

> > * fully implement the SQL window
> > * added missing schemas to providers
> Right.
> > 
> > Vivien, is there anything else you would like to have in the beta? As I
> > said, I'd like to release it ASAP so that we can get rid of gnome-db
> > (the frontend) quickly and present the new application, so I think it is
> > a good idea to keep this feature list as short as possible, specially
> > since we just want to do a beta release.
> I think about two (IMO) necessary things:
> * a basic form to be able to modify the data of tables and views from
>   Mergeant (I'm working on it now)

> * I need to have the widget we talked about quite some time ago: the one
>   which displays a tree of some shemas (tables, fields, data types, etc)
>   because it needs to be used in several places (New query druid, query
>   edition at least)
ok, I had forgotten about it totally, sorry :-( I'll work again on it
(I've got some code already written, not much, but a start) this

> * a dialog to manage the libgda data sources (at the moment I ihave to
>   manually edit the ~/.libgda/config file, and this file is needed for
>   Mergeant to work).
well, that's gnome-database-properties, which is executed from the
Settings->Database manager menu. It's not working for you?

> > 
> > So, please tell me what to add to this list, and I'll set up bugzilla
> > for it, so that we can quickly query the list of tasks for that beta.
> > For that, I'd need also a description of mergeant's bugzilla components.
> > What about:
> > 
> > Tables & Views
> > Sequences
> > Forms
> > Queries
> > SQL
> > documentation
> > 
ok, I'll do it tonight then.


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