Re: [gnome-db] Updates to Postgres provider

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 13:47, Vivien MALERBA wrote:
> Hi!
> I've now updated the libgda documentation, set the postgres provider up
> to date with that doc and Mergeant now works (well at least it loads the
> database schemas).
> So, the other providers can be updated and testing the schemas loading
> of Mergeant with them should work quite well. Keep me posted of the
> problems.
yes, mergeant works more or less (unimplemented stuff mainly, I got just
one crash)!! This is very good news. I'll work on adding this support to
mysql and the default provider.

> Also, I think the port to Gnome2 of Mergeant is now finished and we can
> start developping on it again.
yes, this is very good news!!! And I was waiting for this to happen to
make a new release of gnome-db with the libgda/libgnomedb/mergeant, even
if it's a beta one.

So I'd like to discuss the needed features to have a beta, so that we
can release ASAP. Right now, I'm thinking on some simple tasks:

* fix crashes
* fully implement the SQL window
* added missing schemas to providers

Vivien, is there anything else you would like to have in the beta? As I
said, I'd like to release it ASAP so that we can get rid of gnome-db
(the frontend) quickly and present the new application, so I think it is
a good idea to keep this feature list as short as possible, specially
since we just want to do a beta release.

So, please tell me what to add to this list, and I'll set up bugzilla
for it, so that we can quickly query the list of tasks for that beta.
For that, I'd need also a description of mergeant's bugzilla components.
What about:

Tables & Views

? that is, a separation identical to the UI organization.


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