Re: [gnome-db] Updates to Postgres provider

On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 17:19, Vivien MALERBA wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been working on the updates to the postgres provider regarding the
> extended schemas (Bug 84357). I've also looked at what the MySQL
> provider does and the docs. Here what I have modified/implemented so
> far:
> No param taken into account (that should be added), the returned set
> holds the following columns:
>      - unique ID for the data type (actually a Postgres OID)
>      - type name
>      - owner name
>      - type description
shouldn't here the type name be the first field, as we do for the
currently implemented schemas. I think it is better to have the name as
the first field, since it is the field which will be used the most in

> ...

The same comment for the other schemas having the ID as the first field.
The rest looks perfect to me.

> This differs slightly from what the libgda doc says, but I need the
> extra infos for Mergeant. How about updating the sets returned by the
> other providers to be the same as for Postgres?
I'll do it in mysql. But, anyway, it would be nice if you could upgrade
the documentation on this (libgda/doc/C/libgda-docs.sgml), so that it
gets written for people working on providers, and to avoid confusion.

> Also, there is no Id column returned for the TABLES, FIELDS (for a given
> table), VIEWS and SEQUENCES because their name should be unique; if you
> have any example where this is not the case, tell me and we will change
> that.
I don't know any case


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