Re: [gnome-db] Re: UI changes in mergeant

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 08:52, Vivien Malerba wrote:
> About the SQL window, it seems the load and save functions do not work.
> Also I thought there was a kind of queries history; have you removed
> it or am I wrong?
they're not implemented yet. I've got to get that code from gnome-db and
merge it with mainpagesql.c.

> > 
> > Also, I've come to some ideas:
> > 
> > * what about having a GnomeDbGrayBar on the top of the working area, to
> > the right of the shortcut bar, as in
> > (the
> > 'Database' gray bar)? Thus, users will have always a visual indication
> > of which part of the UI they're in. This is important, I think, because
> > the shortcut bar does not indicate which one is selected.
> > 
> Yes, otherwise you can get lost in the UI. I think you only have
> to modify the build_main_window() function in conf-manager.c.
ok, I'll do it this weekend also.

> > * in the File menu, there is no separators. That is, New/Open/Save/Save
> > As should be first, then a separator, then the Export/Print stuff, a
> > separator, and the Quit option.
> Yes, good idea, the entries seem to be all stuck together.
ok, i'll do it then.

> > 
> > * file->New workspace should open a blank workspace, not prompt for an
> > existing one. Isn't that what File->Open does?
> The file->New workspace only asks for a file name to save the work into
> when the file->Save is selected (if I remember correctly). If you want
> to change that behaviour, then do it (it would be more conform to what
> there is in other applications).
well, maybe I'm wrong. The problem is that 'New workspace' means to me
'Open a new window to work on'. The Open one means, to me, open an
existing file in the current workspace. If that sounds ok to you, we can

* New - closes the current file and start with an empty one in the
current window
* New workspace - opens a new window
* Open - Opens an existing file into the current window.

> > 
> > * also, I think it would be nice to have a unique configuration window,
> > as I was trying to do in gnome-db frontend. What about doing the same
> > for mergeant, so that we've got a Tools->settings menu which opens a
> > unique window with different tabs where users can set all settings
> > (plugins, connection parameters
> > 
> As you prefer! Maybe keep separate the data sources management (forget
> what I said about that not existing in my previous mail, I thought 
> it was not working...)
yes, the data source management is in gnome-database-properties
(available from the GNOME control center), so I'll keep it separated.
I'll work also on this one then


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