Re: compiling gnome-db from cvs

> >>>>> On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 00:14:15 +0200,
> >>>>> "alani" == alani <aschaefe hsr ch> wrote:
> alani> it was gnome-db_0.0.96-1_i386.deb according to dpkg-deb one of your pkg's
> Hmm..., I thought that you installed snapshot. Bonobo
> without OAF must be installed to use that deb.
> maybe Bonobo of Helix Code will be Bonobo with OAF.
> If you want to use that deb anyhow, you need to recompile
> bonobo with --without-oaf.
> BTW, Rodrigo, as I said you, Bonobo isn't written down with
> Depends in this deb. this is a fatal problem in a package
> system. I hope for deleting this debs from
well, what we must do is to release a new version to avoid all these
As soon as you think the debs can be made, we'll do it. There is a
little work
to be done about the spec files.

I've got in my debian machine both bonobo-0.18 (with OAF) and OAF-0.5.1,
so what's
the problem in doing the debian packages?

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