Re: compiling gnome-db from cvs

>>>>> On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 00:14:15 +0200,
>>>>> "alani" == alani <aschaefe hsr ch> wrote:

alani> it was gnome-db_0.0.96-1_i386.deb according to dpkg-deb one of your pkg's

Hmm..., I thought that you installed snapshot. Bonobo
without OAF must be installed to use that deb.
maybe Bonobo of Helix Code will be Bonobo with OAF.

If you want to use that deb anyhow, you need to recompile
bonobo with --without-oaf.

BTW, Rodrigo, as I said you, Bonobo isn't written down with
Depends in this deb. this is a fatal problem in a package
system. I hope for deleting this debs from


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