Re: compiling gnome-db from cvs

On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 12:24:00AM +0900, Akira TAGOH wrote:
> If you use woody, there is debs snapshot in the following:
ups, sorry I forgot to mention, I have potato with the helixdesktop stuff
and the evolution packages

when I try to start gda-fe with your debs, it prints the following msg
gda-fe: error in loading shared libraries: 
/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: bonobo_container_get_type

with objdump -T /usr/lib/ | grep bonobo_container_get_type I found
out that bonobo_container_get_type seems to be in the library

I think the problem are those bonobo and oaf packages from helix-evolution

> What is the following version that you use?
> - gnome-libs
gnome-config --version reports 1.2.4

> - bonobo (with OAF? or without OAF?)

> - OAF

> I don't know why gnome-factory.idl doesn't look, but,
> gnome-libs-1-0 branch really includes it.
well, if I just browse the cvs with bonsai I cannot find it
could it be that they have renamed it to gnome-unknown.idl ??


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