Re: [gnome-cy] Status update (looking good)

Same idea yes - it was designed to tell you what is similar as tools
like gtranslator will do 

> You end up with a new merged file containing something like 
> "104 translated, 57 fuzzy and 18 untranslated". And you go 
> through the new file looking for the word 'fuzzy'. The merging
> program makes some great guesses when strings are identical,
> but not so great when they are not. So for example, I found
> this in gnome-mime-data after running it:

You can also cat every cy .po file you own together, use them as
a helper document for the  the merge against an untranslated or
partly translated app using msgmerge -C giant.po

That (with a slightly tweaked msgmerge) did almost half of gnome-pim 8)

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