[gnome-cy] .po files for gnome_at_23_May.tar.gz

I have dumped all the Gnome stuff in KGyfieithu, along with the other .po 
files that are not up there yet, but which Alan sent me originally, into one 
tar.gz file.  This is available at:
for those who are finding online charges too much.

IIRC, a few of the files had minor errors (eg missing \n here and there), but 
they should open OK into a .po editor, where you can correct them.

Incidentally, I am finding a number of issues with having cy/utf8 as a 
default, so I will keep utf8 on the website, but probably revert to 
en/iso-8859-1 locally, only changing into cy/utf8 as I need to.

Best wishes


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