Re: [gnome-cy] Status update (looking good)

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 09:02:54AM +0100, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> I am probably behind in checking the results in, and I know I
> am in doing the branches. But more files are now at 100%
> or very close. With some EFALLAI comments in there for anyone
> who wants to confirm some words or not :)

daf muse ~/public_html/gnome-cy/po> (find -name '*.po' -exec sh -c 'grep
-h -c EFALLAI {}; echo +' ';'; echo 0) | xargs expr


(This means I have 73 EFALLAIs among all the po files I have sittign

> These are really good. Hooray! One of the big files which remains 
> is GTK+, which is pretty much the bottom-most library used by 
> Gnome, unless you start counting things like X or glibc or
> something. Looking at the figures, I think completing Gtk would
> take the desktop libraries section from 40% to 80% done. The 
> current po file in CVS was started by Rhoslyn in 2002. Most of
> the strings are still the same.  

I think all the rest of the developer-libs group will be done before
GTK+ is. Partly because of the stange braching things and partly because
it's a bit of a beast. I've been concentrating on getting the devloper-libs
stuff done so far. It's the smaller of the two "essential" groups
("desktop" being the other one) and many programs that are based on
packages in developer-libs start having messages in Welsh before
translation of program-specific messages has begun. For example, any
program using GTK+ will have cancel buttons labelled "Diddymu" as soon
as "Cancel" is translated in GTK+.

> *owen* I guess the problem isn't necessarily that it's hard to 
>        translate a lot of the strings, but that the translator is 
>        spending all this time coming up with a vocabulary for GTK+ 
>        programming in Welsh when all they want to do is get the file 
>        selector translated

Hmm. Yes, I think that's right. On the other hand, there needs to be
some vocabulary to be able to refer to the concepts with which users
interact as they use their computer. It so happens for some languages
that this vocabulary is not standard.

> [TRUE/FALSE in capitals]
> *owen* Hmm, glancing at the french translations, the most common 
>        mistake is to translate TRUE/FALSE as VRAI/FAUX
> *owen* Translating them as vrai/faux might be OK, but the capitilzation
>        indicates that they are names of constants in the GTK+ header files
> *owen* So, leaving the translations capitalized is very dubious
> *owen* I think either leaving them capitalized or turning the text 
>        into whatever is natural for "if true" in the language is fine. 
>        They'll actually appear next to a checkbutton in glade,so 
>        perhaps the second is the better choice

Which have we been doing?


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