[gnome-cy] Status update (looking good)

As well as the files from kyfieithu, there are also a pile of
files Dafydd Harries has been grabbing from the GNOME website.

I am probably behind in checking the results in, and I know I
am in doing the branches. But more files are now at 100%
or very close. With some EFALLAI comments in there for anyone
who wants to confirm some words or not :) 

Kevin, is it worth upodating Kyfieithu so that it has some
of the non-done files on it now? Some of the POT files (the
files with the lists of strings to translate) will have been
there for a month or two now, I think. I can send you a
list of suggestions for obvious apps to do first.

The Gnome website has a nice status page. (And probably KDE
too, but I haven't looked, to be honest.)

The 2.4 overall page (this is what will turn into 2.4, at
least) and breakdowns of those overall numbers are at:


The 2.2 pages are the same only you need gnome-2.2 in the URLs,
surprisingly enough. 

These are really good. Hooray! One of the big files which remains 
is GTK+, which is pretty much the bottom-most library used by 
Gnome, unless you start counting things like X or glibc or
something. Looking at the figures, I think completing Gtk would
take the desktop libraries section from 40% to 80% done. The 
current po file in CVS was started by Rhoslyn in 2002. Most of
the strings are still the same.  

Gtk has the notorious "anti-aliasing" word in it. This will
crop up for users in things like the font selection dialogue
box. It also has a few other things to watch for, too. This
is part of a conversation with one of the gtk maintainers
about translation issues they have already seen in other

*owen* For a simple one "Mnemonic Key"
*owen* "mnemonic" here is a technical term with a specific meaning
*owen* If it was translated as "memory aid key", that probably 
       doesn't really convey the meaning
*owen* Specific meaning is "key that is referred to by an underline 
       in a string displayed to the user"
*owen* I guess the problem isn't necessarily that it's hard to 
       translate a lot of the strings, but that the translator is 
       spending all this time coming up with a vocabulary for GTK+ 
       programming in Welsh when all they want to do is get the file 
       selector translated

[are mnemonics and accelerators different?]
*owen* Yes.... the accelerator is the key combo to the right of the
       menu entry (Control+S) the mnemonic is the key combination 
       indicated by the underline letter (_Save)

[TRUE/FALSE in capitals]

*owen* Hmm, glancing at the french translations, the most common 
       mistake is to translate TRUE/FALSE as VRAI/FAUX
*owen* Translating them as vrai/faux might be OK, but the capitilzation
       indicates that they are names of constants in the GTK+ header files
*owen* So, leaving the translations capitalized is very dubious
*owen* I think either leaving them capitalized or turning the text 
       into whatever is natural for "if true" in the language is fine. 
       They'll actually appear next to a checkbutton in glade,so 
       perhaps the second is the better choice

Termiadur does have cofrif for mnemonic, but whether this conveys
the right connotations I don't know. 

Does anti-aliasing crop up in Mozilla dialogues anywhere? Or
OpenOffice? Has someone already found a good term for this?
It has baffled everyone I have asked, but most of them are
neither graphic artists nor computer users. 


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