Re: [gnome-cy] Gnome\KDE Cymraeg web sites?

Hi Rhoslyn 

On Thursday 27 March 2003 12:10 pm, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
> In an effort to develop an information strategy for Welsh language
> software i'm looking to provide information for interested individuals
> on the present developments. This could possibly be done via on-line
> information, press-releases and posters at suitable locations...
> Do the members of the Gonme List/KDE Kyfieithu have an intention to
> create websites to reflect their heroic endevours and to illiminate via
> suitably worded prose and elegant layout and pictures their aspirations
> and work so far...?
> I was thinking that I would like to create posters etc with  reference
> to www.gwelywiwr and www. meddal and not tread on the toes of our good
> friends the Gnomes and KDEists.  How about a snappy web address like
> www.gnomecymru or www.kdecymru to add to the list and for ease of access
> via gwgl?

I think the idea of a "strategy" is a good one - we discussed this briefly 
pre-Omnivore.   I know that you are committed to Windows open-source software 
as well as GNU/Linux (I personally think Win stuff will always be a minority 
market, because Win users are by definition less likely to try things that 
didn't come with their box, even if they are in Welsh), but what follows errs 
on the Lin side.

To me, a "strategy" includes: a central website that links to everything that 
is going on in this area; a pre-planned set of press releases/publicity 
things; a set of resources that can be a first stop for people trying to do 
things using FOSS; an email list or forum.  I also tend to think that 
lobbying comes into it at some point, but I recognise that that may be 
sensitive for some people.

I would be perfectly happy for to become the "central" point of 
info, although I would suggest that a revamp using a *Nuke or Mambo variant 
might not be a bad idea (although I personally find them a bit too 

I think that this email list is very helpful (in fact, does anyone have any 
objections if I link to it from KGyfieithu?) from the point of view of actual 
translation, and perhaps e-gymraeg (ditto?) from the point of view of more 
formal stuff.  I don't think a forum would be necessary at the minute.

Publicity.  You need to keep banging on the door to get anywhere here, so 
sending something out every fortnight is an essential IMHO.  And if it's 
coming with a standard letterhead then news outlets will get used to it, log 
it as a reference point, and so on.  You can also build up a regular 
mailing-list, and avoid spamming at the same time.  The KGyfieithu 
announcement has gone out, you've just made one about Opera 7, I want to do 
one about Omnivore reaching 30,000 strings in a couple of weeks (thanks 
Dewi!), presumably your Welsh will be in the MDK 9.1 release, so that's 
another one - there must be a lot of these we can do if we think about it.  

We also need to use the established Welsh networks - eg the papurau bro, Urdd, 
Merched y Wawr, etc.  Ads in their publications are not all that expensive, 
and it might be worth taking out a few.  Granted, this comes out of people's 
own pockets at present, but it might pay dividends in the future.  I'm going 
to be at the Urdd Eisteddfod in April for one day, and I'm trying to cadge 
some space there from someone.  

There's an Assembly election coming up.  What about doing a nice 
non-confrontational letter to all the parties (and their candidates?) setting 
out the benefits of looking at FOSS, and suggesting that support for pilot 
projects on this might be a USP for their party?  Now is this lobbying or 
publicity?  FOSS on the desktop will require some momentum from above as well 
as below, so I think it's absolutely essential to do things like this, but 
some may feel that this is too "political".

Another strand would be "viral marketing".  That is, send things to friends 
and acquaintances and ask them to send it to 3 other people they know if they 
think it's worthwhile, asking those people to send it on to 3 people *they* 
know.  The Welsh community is actually remarkably interconnected, so this 
would probably be quite effective.

The key point in the above is that some set of people need to come up with a 
list of "happenings", a strategy, etc, and operate it.  This requires a 
certain degree of boring co-ordination, which may not be to everyone's taste, 
even if we set lobbying to one side.  However, I think this is the only way 
it can be done if it's not to look cack-handed.  And there is a lot of work 
involved in doing it right, it has to be said.  So I suppose the real 
question is whether there are enough of us up for it.  

Resources.  This is all for the longer term, but also needs to come into a 
strategy, IMHO.  There are a lot of things available on the Net about 
GNU/Linux/FOSS, but for a Windows user it might be sensible to do a series of 
"crib-sheets" like the ones B&Q do telling you how to build a conservatory in 
3 hours.  Remastering Knoppix to do a Cymrix with all the Welsh software we 
can find on it would also be good, although to be really useful that needs a 
good bit of documentation with it (<- previous point).  That could then be 
sent out in a blitz of schools, for example, or voluntary organisations.  
Getting clearance from somewhere to do a pilot project would also be good, 
although that depends a lot on manpower, distance, scope, etc.  (And a 
written agreement on timeperiod, scope, support etc would be essential.)  A 
directory of individuals, groups, companies who do Linux, etc would be good 

As regards website addresses, you've got and  
I agree with Chris that Alan's suggestion of would be 
very welcome - just point any KDE bit to KGyfieithu for the time being.  I 
would also agree with Telsa that a proliferation of sites just dilutes the 
message.  My "family", if you want to link to them, is: - for KDE translation; - for "admin" type stuff; - for "user" type stuff - nothing there yet, but my children are 
unknowing guinea-pigs; - for games - nothing there yet; - for the LUG - asleep at the minute, but due for prodding 
this week.
The main thing with all of these is writing up stuff to put there.  I have 
quite a lot, but it takes time to double-check it and type it up, and of 
course, it being Linux it gets out-of-date very quickly (the speed with which 
this is happening is in fact the main reason for my belief that the majority 
of places will be running Linux on the desktop by the end of 2006).  

Anyway - full speed ahead in my view.  If anybody wants to discuss 
co-ordination of publicity, so much the better.

Best wishes


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