[gnome-cy] Gnome\KDE Cymraeg web sites?

In an effort to develop an information strategy for Welsh language software i'm looking to provide information for interested individuals on the present developments. This could possibly be done via on-line information, press-releases and posters at suitable locations...

Do the members of the Gonme List/KDE Kyfieithu have an intention to create websites to reflect their heroic endevours and to illiminate via suitably worded prose and elegant layout and pictures their aspirations and work so far...?

I was thinking that I would like to create posters etc with reference to www.gwelywiwr and www. meddal and not tread on the toes of our good friends the Gnomes and KDEists. How about a snappy web address like www.gnomecymru or www.kdecymru to add to the list and for ease of access via gwgl?

Be da chi'n feddwl?


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