[gnome-cy] Omnivore: proposed download version?

Om has passed 20,000 strings, and thanks to a big donation of over 8,000 
strings from Dewi (Moz), and another couple of thou I've translated should be 
at 30,000 next week.

At some point after that I would like to make a download available, so that 
people who want to run it locally would have the ability to do so.

However, for politeness I am just asking here if anyone (Rhoslyn, Dewi, 
Dafydd, Chris and others) have any objections to this from the point of view 
of "copyright" over the translations they have provided?

There is also the point that in theory the download could be used by groups or 
individuals or companies to form the basis of a component in a commercial 
product.  I personally think this would do Welsh nothing but good, but some 
contributors may have problems with that in terms of their day-jobs.  Any 

The other issue is what happens if the resulting component is closed-source.  
Again, I personally have few problems with this, but others might.

No doubt the best thing to do is to decide on a license, and I would tend to 
plump for the GPL or GPL Documentation license.  However, views from others 
would be welcome.

Best wishes


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