Re: [gnome-cy] Omnivore: proposed download version?

On Fri, 2003-03-28 at 14:12, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> There is also the point that in theory the download could be used by groups or 
> individuals or companies to form the basis of a component in a commercial 
> product.  I personally think this would do Welsh nothing but good, but some 
> contributors may have problems with that in terms of their day-jobs.  Any 
> views?  

I tend to agree, not that I have contributed much

> The other issue is what happens if the resulting component is closed-source.  
> Again, I personally have few problems with this, but others might.
> No doubt the best thing to do is to decide on a license, and I would tend to 
> plump for the GPL or GPL Documentation license.  However, views from others 
> would be welcome.

Remember the license is about the database not each text. You can't
copyright "Hello" 8). That means the database can be under a license
requiring all additions are made available etc without stoppings its use
for proprietary apps

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